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Top Five European Destination to Add on Your Bucket list

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

There is nothing more exciting than taking a break from your everyday routine and travel internationally. However, deciding where you want to travel can become a challenge sometimes. Either you don't know which destination to pick or where to start from? When I think of a dream vacation, the first thing that comes to my mind is Europe. From Paris to Italy, Switzerland to Greece, Spain to Amsterdam. Europian countries are full of cultures, vibrant lifestyles, museums, and much more. It wouldn't be surprising if you get stuck deciding between what places you want to visit on the next trip. The key to planning a successful trip is to prepare ahead of time and know what is your dream destination? The next step is to plan and create an itinerary and arrange your desire transportation. Whether you are flying or taking a road trip by bus or train, you will find many affordable modes of transportation in Europe. Once you tackle that, you are off to a great start of a dream vacation. I would recommend the five most unique cities in Europe worth adding to your travel list in 2021.

#1 Paris, France

Paris is one of the cities in Europe that is number #1 on all traveler's bucket list. I promise you one thing that you will never be tired of seeing Eiffel Tower. Whether you want to take some beautiful pictures around the Eiffel Tower or experience the satellite view from the top of the landmark. Paris is a dream for everyone. I would highly recommend you to go on top of the Eiffel Tower and experience a breathtaking view from the observational deck.

The Louvre, one of the world's most famous art museums should be the next visit on your checklist. Make sure you have plenty of time to visit the museum and explore the architecture. The city offers an iconic view of the most fashionable streets in the world at night time.

If you are a Disney fan and want to enjoy some family time, make sure to visit Disneyland Paris. This should be a "must-do" in your bucket list. Enjoy your time and don't forget to share all the photos on Instagram.

Travel Tip: Although you can take many beautiful pictures around the Eiffel tower, I would still recommend experiencing the satellite view from the top of the observational deck.

#2 Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

This is the most beautiful hidden gem in Europe, surrounded by the Alps mountain to the south. The best thing about Geneva, Switzerland, is that - it is less than 3.5 hours away from Paris, France (by train). You can hop on one of the most comfortable and fastest TGV Lyria high-speed train from Paris that will take less than 3.5 hours to Geneva. The views from the train are incredible, and you will enjoy the most iconic views while you sit and relax. The city setting is stunning and offers a breathtaking view of the most iconic lake Geneva. The clean water and beautiful scenery surrounded by the mountains will be a perfect place to begin your adventure in Europe.

Whether you like to hopping on a boat and traveling across the lake or paddle-boarding, you will love every moment of your trip here. One of the best things to do while you are in Geneva is to visit Chamonix, Mont Blanc. Make sure you dedicate a full- day to discover European Alps at Chamonix, Mont Blanc. This is the highest peak of mountains in Europe from Geneva. Make sure to pack some warm clothes as you might be experiencing some cold weather from the top peak of Europe.

Don't forget to visit St. Pierre Cathedral and experience the most amazing view from the top of the city. Indulge in some world-class cuisines with the most iconic sights in the world.

Travel tip: Make sure to have your currency exchanged to Swiss, Franc (CHF).

#3 Amsterdam, Holland

I called this place a couple's paradise. When you think of Amsterdam, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably cannabis and the red light district, but Amsterdam is much more fun than that! The city has a rich cultural history of arts and museums, along with some beautiful, unique houses, tulips, and architecture. If you are an art lover, make sure to check out the most famous "museumsthe Rijksmuseum," a museum exhibiting more than thousands of artwork.

After that, you can hop on a boat tour of canals and enjoy the beauty of the city along with historic buildings and architecture. Amsterdam offers an iconic view of 165 canals throughout the city, unique houses, coffee shops, and much more. You will be surprised to know that these small coffee shops also offer small amounts of cannabis in the cafe. These are just one of the few things that you can only enjoy in Amsterdam. Crazy right! Well, you are in Amsterdam, known for its famous red-light district and cannabis shops and adult museums. I promise you one thing that you will never find a dull moment in the city center.

If you are looking for some beautiful Instagram pictures, make sure to check out the tulip festival. The festival runs from the end of March till Mid May. So you will have to plan your travel accordingly. I was lucky enough to travel between these months and was able to experience the most amazing tulips in the world. Don't forget to try the famous french fries, some cheese, and poutine! This is going to be one of the best fries you would ever have! Guaranteed.

Travel tip: One thing I would highly recommend to take a picture of the most famous sign #IAMSTERDAM, located just outside the Schiphol airport.

#4 Athens, Greece

Let's talk about the historical capital of Europe, Athens, Greece. One of the most affordable cities in Europe, offering a rich culture, fantastic beaches, theaters, and top of the line accommodation. When I think of Athens, the first thing that comes to my mind is the architecture. I would highly recommend you to spend some time visiting "The Acropolis," also known as the Sacred Rock. The Acropolis is the most ancient heritage of the country. According to the website Greece-Athens". Acropolis is nominated to be one of the seven wonders of the modern world.". Yes, you heard it right. It is the most iconic heritage that is on the bucket list for all travelers.

There are plenty of historical places for you to visit, including the Archaeological Museum, Acropolis Museum, Theater of Herodes Atticus, and Temple of Poseidon.

If you are a beach person, I would recommend visiting some famous beaches like Legrena, Vouliagmeni, and Cape Sounion beach.

Travel Tip: Athens is massive, and you can spend days here exploring arts and museums. I would highly recommend exploring the city with a locally organized tour company. Check with your hotel or go online at for more details. This will help you save some time and discover unique places at a much affordable price.

#5 Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a hidden gem of Europe, offering a unique blend of traditional and modern architecture. If you are a fan of classical music and enjoy live performances, especially Opera, Vienna is the place for you. Make sure to check out the Vienna State Opera (Staatsoper) for live performances. The show tickets can be costly, but sometimes you might be able to get a free live screening just outside of the opera building.

You can hop on the local buses and enjoy the most iconic views of religious sites and churches like St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom) and museums like the Museum of Fine Arts (Kunsthistorisches) and Schönbrunn Palace.

Make sure to plan a day trip to one of the oldest existing zoos in Vienna, Tiergarten Schoenbrunn. The Vienna zoo is home to more than 700 species of animals. From giant pandas to tigers, orangutans to koalas, you will find all the species of animals here.

Travel Tip: You do not need a guided tour of the city. Vienna has an excellent transportation system. I would recommend buying a daily bus pass that comes with a brochure. You will probably find all the details of a city tour in the brochure.

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