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Best Weekend Getaways

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Are you feeling exhausted from a week-long work? Maybe you want to curl up in the corner of the bed and watch movies all night or even want to sleep all day. But trust me! Time will fly. And when you get back to work, you will feel even more exhausted. It has happened to me many times. After a long week of hectic work, the only thing I was looking forward to was my weekend. But curling up on the bed all day long made me even more dissatisfied and unaccomplished. So I decided to change my life by planning small weekend get-aways to stay focus and recharge. Trust me! Sometimes all you need is to take a break and travel. These short vacations will not only boost your happiness but re-energize your soul. And the most important thing is you don't need a huge budget to plan a micro- vacation. I have listed a few weekend getaway destinations for you to explore, but you can customize your travel plans and go anywhere you like. The goal is to get out of bed and explore.

#1 Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the best weekend destinations for any traveler. Whether you are inspired by some famous celebrity's lifestyle or want to explore the world's renowned neighborhood, LA is a dream city for everyone. It is impossible to explore the city in just two days' weekend. But here are some suggestions for you to spend the best weekend getaway. Start your day by exploring the most famous neighborhood of Beverly Hills. It is probably one of the favorite spots for Instagrammers. Take some time to roam around the area, and don't forget to take pictures with the Beverly Hills sign. That reminds me of one of the world-famous "Hollywood Sign." You will probably need to dedicate a full day to take a closer look at this landmark. Let me warn you; it is a very long hike to get a closer look at this landmark. You can get the best view of the sign by hiking through the Lake Hollywood Park. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes to hike up the hill. Another way to explore the "Hollywood Sign" is through Griffith Park, where you will get a 360° view of the city and the Hollywood sign. However, I would recommend going through the Lake Hollywood Park. Here you will get a chance to take some of the best shots in front of the "Hollywood Sign." If you are looking to spend some time at the beach and relax, spend your evening by watching the sunset at Venice Beach. It is the most touristic place in LA, offering a beautiful view of the California Coast. Whether you want to explore the strip riding on a bike or walking, you will be enjoying every minute of your time here. Spend your last day at one of my favorite spots - Santa Monica Pier. This is the most vibrant touristic area in LA, known for its entertainment and beautiful sunset. You can enjoy live music, Ferris wheel ride, food, and much more. The iconic pier is a must-see attraction in LA, offering some gorgeous views, rides, and live entertainment.

#2 Las Vegas, Nevada

If you ask me what is my go-to place? I would probably say Vegas. No matter how many times I have been here, it's never enough. There is always something that makes me wanna go back to this place again and again. I have talked about the Vegas food in my separate blog - "Vegas Eaters." Here, I will give you some quick ideas to spend a great weekend in Vegas. Let's start with what Vegas is known for, The Strip. The Sin City is known for its best casinos and hotels at the strip. Each hotel offers a unique experience and a glimpse of different cultures and famous landmarks. One of my favorite places is Venetian Resort offering a glimpse of Venice and its culture. Can you imagine experiencing a gondola ride in Vegas with an Italian inspired architecture? You would probably need a whole weekend to explore the strip itself. Make sure to watch the water show at the Bellagio fountain. It is a "must-do" thing in Vegas. You can either get the best view from the Bellagio Hotel or just across the street from the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck at Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino. Another fun place I would recommend you check out The High Roller at The LINQ, offering a unique view of the strip. If you want to experience the essence of old Vegas, visit Fremont Street in the old downtown Vegas. Fremont Street offers a unique experience of Vegas with live entertainment, including shows, zip-lining, and different excursions. Your Vegas trip would not be complete without watching some of the world-class live shows. You can either check with your hotel for showtimes and schedules or buy tickets online. Depending on your style, you will find many live shows and entertainment options. There are plenty of fun places to visit just outside of Vegas that I will cover in a different blog. If you are a Vegas lover like me, make sure to read the article.

#3 Miami, Florida

Whether you like surfing at the beach, paddle-boarding, or paragliding, Miami has everything for everyone. It would be challenging to cover Miami in just one blog post, as there are many things you can do in Miami. Thus, I will be covering Miami in a separate blog post, but I m going to highlight a few things that you can do here on a weekend trip. First, let's talk about the most famous South Beach. I recommend you dedicate a full day to spend at the beautiful South Beach. Take your time to explore, relax, and enjoy a breath-taking view of the ocean. Just soak up the sun and enjoy! After that, you can check out the most vibrant food street at south beach. Here you will find a chain of restaurants and the food is just amazing. Don't forget to try Miami's most famous fishbowl drinks. Besides South Beach, one of Miami's famous places is The Bayside Marketplace, located in downtown Miami. Here you will find a mix of the modern-traditional shopping center. Take your time to explore the Bayside shops and enjoy the most popular waterfront dining experience. Another famous place I would recommend is to visit the old Cuban style town, Little Havana. Here, you will find the best Cuban cuisines, cigars, and cocktails. Take your time to enjoy the colorful Hispanic culture in the heart of Miami. If you have enough time left, make sure to check out the art district of Miami, Wynwood Walls. You might have never seen such beautiful murals and artwork anywhere else. This is a great place to sum up your weekend and head back.

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