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A Magical Island for Honeymooners: Santorini, Greece

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Looking for a dream destination for your honeymoon?

You have made it official. Now its time to pick the most beautiful and memorable place for your honeymoon. You are probably looking for an absolutely magical place, where you can start a new beginning of your lifelong journey with your partner. A place that will make you smile when you look back after many years. Whether you are a person who prefers a place with some breath-taking views and charming sceneries or spending time at sandy beaches with crystal clear water, Santorini is the place for you. The island is located around volcanic craters surrounding traditional white and blue cave houses perching on volcanic rocks overlooking a beautiful island. The views from Santorini are indescribable. Those pictures you see on Instagram don't even justify the beauty of this island. When I first landed on the island, I felt like I m in a heaven on earth. It was like a dream come true. I can definitely say that Santorini is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places I have ever visited in my life. I called it honeymooners' paradise. Let's talk about some of the "must-do" things you can enjoy in Santorini.

#1 Oia

Your trip to Santorini would be incomplete without spending a day in Oia. This is probably the best place to take some memorable pictures with a beautiful white and blue landscape, including the most famous blue-domed St. Gerasimos Church. Oia is famous for its beautiful churches and sunset points, offering excellent views of volcanic mountains overlooking the city's landscape. Spend your day by witnessing a breath-taking view of the island, exploring some local shops, and admiring some stunning views from the highest point.

#2 Fira

Fira is another beautiful point in Santorini located on the caldera side. This is probably the best entertainment area where you can find local restaurants, bars, and cafes. You will also find many touristic spots and excursions of the city here. You can visit the Santorini Archaeological Museum showcasing different artifacts from the various historical periods. Surprisingly, Santorini is way less expensive than other European islands. You can get tickets to the museum for as low as 3 Euros. Yes! I even find the cost of restaurants and many excursions way cheaper than other places in Europe. Make sure to visit the famous Fira port for some excursions. You can go to the port by taking a cable-car through the mountain for some fantastic views. Some people prefer to take a donkey ride to experience the old traditional culture. Depending on your style, there are many ways to explore the island.

#3 Pyrgos

One of the best things about traveling is that you meet many different people around the world and experience different cultures. During our honeymoon trip to Santorini, we got a chance to meet some local people and talk about their culture and historical places. One of the residents told us to visit one of the village Pyrgos, to experience the true Greek Orthodox Easter celebration. Santorini is known for its authentic Greek spiritual traditions for celebrating Easter. During this celebration, the whole town comes together and illuminate their houses with dozens of candles. Some people march through the streets holding candle lights. The lights lit every house in the village. You will not experience the true essence of Easter anywhere else than Pyrgos. Easter is the best time to visit Santorini. We were lucky to visit the island during this time. If you plan ahead of time, make sure to visit during the Easter celebrations.

#4 Nea Kameni

If you are an adventurous soul like me, wear your comfortable shoes and hop on a boat tour to visit one of the active volcanoes at Nea Kameni island. Yes! The volcano is active, and you can even touch the ground and witness the smoke. Our tourist guide told us that the volcano is in an active state for years. Although it's very much alive, its in a non-eruption mode. However, anything can happen at any time as the volcano is still active. Interesting right? I would suggest you check this one out yourself!

I would highly recommend you take a guided tour by boat. You can purchase tickets at the Santorini Port. These guided tours provide quite a few fun activities, including lunches and a visit to the hot springs. The ship stops for about half an hour to give you some time to swim in the healing hot spring water.

#5 Local Beaches

Santorini Island is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Every corner of this island provides a romantic and heart-warming view of the beaches. Take your time to visit some of the unique beaches with black and white sand, moon-like volcanic mountains, and give yourself an ultimate retreat to relax and soak up the sun. Some of the beaches I recommend putting on your list are Perivolos beach, Red Beach, Kamari Beach, Perissa Beach, Vlychada Beach, and Caldera Beach. Yes! The list is long, but these are some of the best beaches you have to visit while you are on the island. Let me know which one is your favorite beach in Sanotini?

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